Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look through some of our client's most common questions so you can have a better idea of what to expect from Shadow Cast Photography.  If you have a question that is not on the list, please contact us at

How do we book you?

We will send you a contract and invoice for a booking fee. On receipt of the booking fee and signed contract (online digital process these days), your wedding date will be firmly booked.

We’ll then start pre wedding consultations leading up to the day. If it was included in your package or as an extra, a date is arranged for the engagement session. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know a bit more about you.

Can we make a partial payment before and a payment after the wedding?

All payments must be received in full before the wedding date. But you can pay in instalments if you wish.  All payments are documented and receipted so all parties know the status of the payments and outstanding totals.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, absolutely.  I can provide a certificate of insurance if your venue requests one.

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Yes, we are comfortable photographing in many different lighting situations, whether it's natural golden light of the early evening, dark reception halls with our off-camera flashes, or even the ambiance of a candlelit ceremony.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring to the wedding?

We own all professional Canon equipment and don’t take any chances with your once-in-a-lifetime moments.  We bring 4 full frame camera bodies, 6 specialty L series lenses, and lots of gadgets including radio transmitters that allow communication with our off camera lighting from hundreds of yards away from the camera. The vast majority of wedding photographers do not own this level of equipment, but it allows us more options creatively and give our clients assurance of capturing those once in a lifetime moments.

Have you photographed at this wedding venue before?

The answer is often yes, but we can talk about why it doesn’t make a significant difference when we meet.  We always either visit a venue that’s new to us ahead of time or do our research thoroughly where a visit isn’t possible.

Can we add on products that weren't included in our original package?

Of course. we understand that everyone has a budget and that it might not always be possible to commit funds to all the products that you might want. Product prices change, but we keep all images backed up, so even if you decide to order a wedding album for your 1st wedding anniversary, this is still possible.

How long do you store the images from our wedding?

Your online gallery will be available for a year after the wedding date.  As long as Shadow Cast Photography is in business, we keep an archive of all the digital files and images for your wedding.  A fee would apply to create a new online gallery or deliver them on another USB drive.

Do we get all the images you shoot from our wedding?

Absolutely not, nor would you want all of them either. We photograph throughout the entire wedding, and you don’t need the exposure test  pictures, lighting setup images, out of focused shots, one eye opened and the other half closed, duplicate images, someone caught while sneezing or scratching, etc.  Get the idea!.

How many images do you typically deliver for a wedding?

That depends on how many hours of coverage, traveling time to multiple locations, whether everyone is on time, or if you have a large wedding or a small intimate wedding.  Our average is usually around 100 images per hour of coverage.

Are all the photos we receive retouched?

While we prefer to do as much in camera as possible, we shoot entirely in RAW format so every image has to be post processed.  We'll assess the images for exposure, color, and skin tone.  Adjustments, if necessary, are usually for contrast, sharpening, cropping, highlight, shadows, etc. as well as other corrections as needed. 

If you want “Image Manipulation”, which usually requires extensive editing time, then a fee is charged dependent on the size of the request.  This would include removing people or objects from an image, swapping faces from different images, changing the size of body parts, doing makeovers, tanning skin where it’s obviously white, or any custom requests.

Do we have rights to our Digital images?

Yes, once your wedding images are ready in the online gallery, you can print whichever ones you like through the professional printing lab I use at great rates.  We will also deliver your images on a USB drive, with a release form, that gives you the right to personally print your images wherever and whenever you want.

However, as is standard in the wedding photography industry, you don’t have the right to sell the images for profit or to publish your images anywhere without the direct consent of Shadow Cast Photography.

How soon can we access our images after the wedding?

We will have your wedding images uploaded to the online gallery of our website within two to four weeks after your wedding.  Enter through our website or a link we'll provide to you and browse your gallery – it’s that simple.  We will also provide a sneak peak of around a dozen of our favorite within a few days after the wedding as an appetiser.

Who decides which images will appear in our wedding album? 

You do! It’s such a personal process and while we could design you a beautiful album it is impossible for us to know the photos that are most special to you.  So once the initial design is finished, based on images you select, we'll place a digital copy in your online gallery for approval.

How many images make a great storybook album?

We normally suggest to choose between 60-80 pictures for a standard 30-page album. However, if you need more images, it may be advisable to increase the album page count, or to make a second album.

How long will our album take to arrive?

Once your digital preview is confirmed and officially signed off as the approved design, the album artwork is then ordered. This process usually takes about 2 weeks, with the album initially sent to us first to give its final check before we deliver it to you.

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